Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED



Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED

1. Powerful sound with mega bass.

2. Housing: Wooden color ABS + Metal mesh + PU coating.

3. Background  LED breathing light.

4. 2pcs full range drivers + 2pcs bass radiators.

5. With DSP (Digital signal processor).

6. With NFC pairing function.

7. 2pcs 2200mAh batteries in series which provide 7.4V volt to drive the high quality amplifier.

8. Speaker size: 22*8*9cms / 8.66*3.15*3.54 inch.

9. Wooden color and mahogany color are available.


The design compromises retro style with wooden color, and modern style with hollowed PU coating / dancing LED breathing light.

A simple and comfortable handle design bring music with you on a go. The mixed retro and modern style is a perfect household match.

Shipping & Delivery
Lead time is around 1 ~ 3 weeks depends on order quantity.