TV Soundbar with Fabric Wrap and Subwoofer



Fabric Wrapped TV Soundbar with Subwoofer(Wirelesss and Wired are optional)

1. Customizable in length and power of soundbar.

2. Soundbar:

RMS20W. Size: 560*110*65mm / 22.05*4.33*2.56 inch

RMS30W. Size: 560*110*65mm / 22.05*4.33*2.56 inch

RMS30W. Size: 900*110*65mm / 35.43*4.33*2.56 inch

RMS60W. Size: 960*110*65mm / 37.80*4.33*2.56 inch

Other length and power is available.

3. Subwoofer: Wireless and wired are optional.

30W. Size: 248*154*300mm / 9.76*6.06*11.81 inch

60W. Size: 320*160*280mm / 12.60*6.30*11.02 inch

Other size and power is available.

4. 6 EQ: pop, rock, jazz, classical, country, normal.

5. Microphone is optional.

Shipping & Delivery
Lead time is around 1 ~ 3 weeks depends on order quantity.